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“Transform your patient's waiting experience...”
Benefits of EyestarTV

EyestarTV – The Ultimate Waiting Room Experience

  • What does your waiting room say about you?
  • Does it say you use cutting edge technology in patient care?
  • Does it say your practice has top-of-the-line equipment?
  • Does it say you're interested in not just eyes, but rather the entire patient experience?
  • Does it say "This is who we are!"?
With EyestarTV, it could be saying all of these things and more

Benefits of EyestarTV in your Practice.
EyestarTV is a powerful marketing tool in your practice because it:

  • Captures patient attention
  • Offers custom content creation for your specific needs
  • Makes the most of patients waiting and dilation time
  • Impresses upon the patient that your practice is high-tech and progressive
  • Allows your practice to make multimedia message changes on the fly
  • Increases awareness of your products and services
  • Offers your practice managed content creation and modifications every month at no additional cost
  • Encourages greater understanding of eyecare topics and the importance of routine eye exams
  • Allows your practice to communicate using one or several messages on the entire screen
  • Significantly reduces clutter in the waiting room by replacing posters, flyers, brochures, and other forms of traditional educational/advertising material
  • Encourages cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
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