About EyeStar TV

How does EyestarTV differ from a 'Media Player'?

  • Media players play only one image at a time. EyestarTV can display combinations of text, images, scrolling text,movies, audio, animation, live television or video simultaneously or in succession.

What display resolutions does EyestarTV support?

  • EyestarTV supports 1024 X 768 resolution.

What is included in the EystarTV subscription?
An EyestarTV signage display system includes:

  • EyestarTV player software- The software decides what to display and when to display it, and provides a control panel interface for easy updating of content.
  • Digital Signage content- EyestarTV graphic designers work with your office to provide custom content for your digital sign.

What Media Can I Display With EyestarTV?

  • EyestarTV can effortlessly incorporate scrolling text, live TV, videos, RSS, dynamic web sites, real-time data, flash, and schedule playback for any date and time.

Can I Use My Own Equipment To Run EyestarTV?
Yes. As long as it meets system requirements. EyestarTV player can run on any Windows PC with a minimum of:

  • - Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Vista or windows 7,
  • - 1 GB of RAM,
  • - 300 Mb free space,
  • - 2.3GHZ processor,
  • - and 128MB Video card

Why use Digital Signage?

  • 10x Eye-contact grabbing capability
  • Educate, entertain & inform patients
  • Non-invasive marketing to a captive audience
  • Reduce perceived wait times
  • Educate/target high margin up-sell products
  • Co-op opportunities with suppliers
  • Eliminate expensive & ineffective print based POP
  • Modernize your waiting room experience
  • Transform static signs and displays into dynamic advertisements and communications
  • Non-staff reliant

Can I use EyestarTV to drive the same content to multiple displays?

  • Yes, the same content may be shown on multiple display units using a video splitter.

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