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“EyestarTV you can now market your practice while your patients wait. ”

Did you know that you may be missing out on a very lucrative marketing and educational opportunity that 99% of all businesses can only dream about? And it's happening because you may not be engaging the captive audience of patients in your waiting room.

With EyestarTV you can now market your practice while your patients wait. It transforms the waiting room experience by showcasing engaging video content that's as unique as your practice. EyestarTV boosts revenues and entertains patients by presenting information about your practice, your products and services, news, weather, and trivia. It's the most complete turnkey digital signage solution for your optometric practice.

Considerable research went into the development of EyestarTV in order to produce a balanced approach to presenting eye care content and entertainment segments... all designed to boost your bottom line! Our team of Optometrists, video designers, animators, content writers and professional advertising experts combine over 15 years of health care marketing experience. We've found what works, and it's EyestarTV!

What makes EyestarTV so unique is that ...

  • We customize and brand your EyestarTV presentation to fit your practice's unique and specific needs. We don't use a cookie-cutter approach because we know that no two practices are alike.
  • We offer the ultimate plug-and-play solution to boost revenues while keeping your patients engaged. Simply connect the computer to any LCD and its ready to play. Just tell us what you want to display and we'll take care of the rest - it's that easy!
  • Dollar for dollar, EyestarTV gives you more features, content variety and professionally developed video customization than any other optometric digital signage software package on the market. It's your best return on your marketing investment
  • With EyestarTV, you can completely control the mix of information
  • We use the latest in flash and video animation to create customized media videos for your practice.
  • We also offer bilingual content in French and English (Spanish coming soon).

Statistics prove that consumers/patients are 5-10 times more likely to respond to dynamic digital signage than to static point of purchase brochures and signage. EyestarTV can easily deliver more information to your patients compared to traditional brochures and leaflets because ...

  • Your patients stay focused on the screen since they get real time content --including news (world, sports, business, technology and entertainment), quiz questions, horoscopes, Word of the Day and "On this day in history ... "
  • Your customized video material is front and center in your waiting room and can be instantly updated to showcase new products, services, and promotions.
  • It uses the latest in digital display technology to reinforce your practice as being leading-edge
Here's what it all comes down to ... For the same cost as a specialty coffee per day, you can take your practice to the next level by speaking directly to your patients. EyestarTV will create new revenue opportunities and give you the greatest return on marketing your practice because your patients will enjoy EyestarTV's blend of entertainment and information. Marketing your practice has never been easier. Toss those brochures and stale magazines once and for all, because all eyes will be on EyestarTV!

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